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 A skill to changing your bad mental habits.


 “I faked the person I wanted to be, and then that person became me” Mick Jagger" 


It is really really important that you read this from start to finish a few times till you feel you know exactly how and why this process works. Because this is one of the most important and most powerful skills that any human being can own and that most of the people in this country have never learnt how to do. We were brought up and thought how to push feelings down, hide them, ignore them, or to express them, but never were we thought how to release them.


If you have ever seen people that are in a really good place, and nothing seems to bother them, I guarantee you they are a master of letting stuff go, and they have probably mastered this process, or where unknowingly and naturally influenced by their childhood environment and caregivers with the concept of letting go. Letting go can be really difficult for people who have a fear of not being in control. Control is like building fences, you eventually build yourself in and lock yourself off from new possibilities and opportunities.

And anybody who is in anxiety has a fear of letting go. Because some people think that if they let go that something really bad might happen.

And the truth is if you don’t let go it has been proven that over 90% of all doctor visits are due to stress. And stress is the suppression of feelings and emotions. Just Like (anger) anger is making yourself feel miserable now, and thinking, by holding on to it you might feel good later on. And the problem with this strategy is all the space in between now and then is always going to be much longer than that small moment, in the future that you will think you might feel good. “So it’s your choice” now that you have the access to skills and the instructions of how to release your unwanted feelings, do you hold on to them? Or “Do you let them go”?


When we are kids between the age of 1 and 9 our Brainwave frequency’s usually match close to our age. For example, at age 3 the brain wave frequency is close to the sleep cycle which is called Delta. And at the age of 7 the brains frequency usually cycles around 8-9 cycles per second which are what's called the Alpha. And when we reach adulthood they naturally run around 21 cycles per second.

And you’re probably thinking what has this got to do with me? Well, it has everything to do with you, because if you don't know what is happening in your brain when you are in an unwanted emotional state,   well how can you change it? I will only explain to you what you really need to know to become the owner and operator of your own mind. Because sales companies and banks and pretty much anybody in the position of power knows all of this stuff, then you should know it too, because they use this knowledge to put people into a receptive state of mind so they become consumers. And the system will never teach you this because the system relies on agitated compliant consumers. And people that are happy do not consume stuff as much as people that are unhappy. And the reason I am giving you this insight is because I am going to be showing you how to use more of your mind. When you have access to more of your mind you are way more resourceful. And when you are extremely angry or when you are extremely stressed or fearful, your brain waves shoot through the roof. And the higher your brain wave cycles the less of your brain you are using. You can imagine this like a filter, the more fearful you get the higher your brainwaves go up, and the less access you have to your unconscious resources.


Like when you’re extremely angry, you do things without fear without reason without any thought of the consequences. And the more fearful you get the higher your brainwave activity, and the higher the frequency, and the narrower your focus will be. It's like your parts of your mind get partitioned off, and you only have access to the information of the context that you let yourself get into. And the point to this is, you use less of your mind when you hold onto toxic feelings. Which means, if you let them build up, and you don't let them go, the more they build, the less access you have to your mind, which means you will find fewer solutions to your challenges.


To use more of your mind you have to lower your brainwave activity and to lower your brainwave activity, you have to change your emotions by processing them and releasing them. Some people think that they can't release and let go of their own feelings because you can.

And to give you an example of this. There have been times in your life when you had been good friends with somebody, and then maybe you got some negative insight maybe an experience that you didn't like, and you simply let go of the old internal representation and that old belief that you had about them, and you changed it to a different one. “Now let me ask you how did you do that?


You need to let go of the old to let the new inThe new can't come in from where you are. They are your feelings and they want to leave, so invite them up and allow them to leave. My job is to install a process inside of you, rather than a static outcome “A strategy if you might”

In fact, I don't have the power to make you feel bad or good, however, I do have the skills to be able to make you feel good, to create an internal experience inside of you. So I know exactly what to say and how to say it, for you to go inside and create an internal experience. So I am the external trigger that influences you to create an internal experience.


Look around you are either safe or not safe, Check outside for any real danger check inside if you don't know what it is then let it go.

These are the Instructions for each of the parts.


Notice where the feeling is and rate it from 0 to 10 “and say yes to it” 

Can you see that you’ve been saying no to your negative feelings all along? Pushing them down, and not processing them? If you don’t process them they will not leave, so say yes to them. Your mind will start to process it as soon as you say yes. Step 1 is asking yourself do I want to hold on to this feeling, or would I rather release this feeling? If the answer is to release it, move to the next step.


Step 2 is saying Say to yourself, could I release and let go of this feeling? (Yes) what you do here is just say it, and imagine seeing it leaving your body, and mind. Could I release it some more? (Yes) And some more?  And even more? (Yes)  these repetitive words really compound the effect. Imagine in your mind seeing the feeling leaving. Imagine it in whatever way you want. You could imagine it as a colour or like smoke, you can come up with your own way if you want. Some people tell me that they imagine things like a window opening up, and the feeling leaving through the window. Another person told me they imagine a valve on the part of their body where the feeling is, and they imagine opening it up and releasing the feeling and seeing it come out like black smoke, and that works really well for them. Remember your mind is looking for instructions from you, your mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, so be creative use one of the examples above, or you could make up your own either way is good for you.

And the fastest way to change your state is to change your physiology, really get into it change your posture sit up straighter or stand up taller. Worrying is a habit, and habits are created through repetition. A habit is when you do something so many times that your body knows how to do it as much as your mind. And if you keep thinking the same thoughts without processing them. You will keep getting the same results as the day before, and throwing more logs on the fire.


Step 3 Is asking that part of your mind that holds onto stuff, to release any underlying unrealistic negative feeling and thoughts.


Step 3 Could I release any negative thoughts and feelings I have for myself? (Yes)  Could I release them even more? And some more? And even more? (Yes)


This next part is really important because when we are feeling bad we are either disapproving of our self or disapproving of someone or something else, or we are looking for approval.

Check with yourself, and see if you feel if you are seeking some sort of approval? if you don't feel anything say it anyway because you just might not be aware of it consciously.

Step 4 Could I release and let go of wanting approval? (Yes) and could I let go of wanting approval even more? (Yes) and more? (Yes)

Keep in mind when you are saying this, your mind is and will always process what you say. Our egos in most cases won’t allow us to consciously admit that we are looking for approval. If you really think about most problems that we have, normally there is somebody else involved, maybe another person, and you think, if only they could understand you, or qualify that everything will be ok, and know that you are a good person. Can you see in most problems, for example, arguing with someone, like a spouse / friends or even a mortgage company, a bank or boss? That at some level you are looking for approval. So just tell your mind to stop looking for approval from now on. And watch how free you become.


Step 5 Could I give myself some positive feelings, for no reason at all? (Yes) Could I give myself even more? And more? (Yes)

From a very young age, we were thought wrongly that loving yourself is a bad thing. This is wrong on so many levels because if you don't learn to love yourself you will never be nice to yourself. And when you are not nice to yourself it affects you, and everyone around you.And it also  the kids around you that not liking yourself is ok. Because they are learning from not what you say, they are learning by watching what you do and they can't stop it. Influence will always be way more powerful than persuasion. So get into it, shift your physiology. It has been proven the fastest way to change your state is to change your physiology. Fake it till you make it, act like it is real energy coming into your body. Sit up straighter, or stand taller and smile, your mind is listening to your body it will follow. Don’t worry if you think that you look might stupid just get into it. If you are in your car doing this, just pretend you are talking to your friend on the car phone and having a laugh. You’re not crazy the person in the car next to you who is stressed and angry and banging their head of the steering wheel they are the crazy one.


Step 6 Is releasing any and all negative feelings and thoughts you are holding onto for every person inside your mind and outside of you. These thoughts and feelings are toxic for you if you hold onto them you will get sick, not them. So what is better for you? Do you hold onto the poison? Or do you want to release it? Your mind will do whatever you tell it to do. 



Check and see if you feel you have any negative feelings for any or all other people.If you don’t, just say this anyway. Because in most cases you are just not consciously aware of the stuff buried deep in your mind. The more you say it the more your mind will adapt it. Just like it did with the worrying. And again I will remind you when you say it, your mind has to process what you say, even if you don’t realise it.

Say it even if you don’t 100% mean it the first few times. Remember you are rewiring your thoughts and the reaction that your nervous system makes to your thoughts.And your thoughts affect your feelings, and your feelings affect your thoughts) By doing this you will see the results within your body and within your life.


Step 6 Do I want to hold on to my disapproval for other people, or could I free myself and allow them to be who they are, separate from me in every way? (Yes) and more? (Yes)

Step 7 Could I send them some positive energy to everyone, so that I can be a powerful person and be completely free? (Yes) could I send them even more? (Yes) and some more? And even more? (Yes) Remember the more you do this the more you set yourself free. 

When you do this, you will notice that you will look and feel free to these people if you do see them. And I have had some amazing stories and feedback from people who have done this. Never overlook this power that resides inside of you. You are not condoning what they do, you are simply setting yourself free.

Now check how you feel be honest with yourself. Between 0 and 10.  0 is the negative feeling is gone 10 is bad and 5 is half way?

If it is gone you’re a natural. If there is still some of it there you just need some practice.

Notice where you feel it scale it 0 to 10 and repeat the process. Just get it as close to 0 as you can. The more you do it the faster it works.

Make this your new habit, and this skill will become as permanent as the old way was. Only that this way feels way better. And this will increase the quality of your life, and the quality of the life, of the people around you. Keep coming back to this and reading it as much as you can.

This is very powerful and important knowledge. You need to know how this stuff works so that your mind will know exactly what to do when you are running through the 7 step technique. You have to remember your unconscious mind has been pre-programmed to pay attention to what you don't have, to trigger you off to been an agitated compliant reliable consumer. Some negative experiences and feelings are good. Because negative feeling are designed to move you toward change, anxiety is there for a reason, if it wasn't we wouldn’t move toward change. It just depends on you knowing when it is the right time to let it go. And now that you know how to let go. It's your brain and you have the power to operate it. If you don't take ownership of it, it will operate all by itself. For example, you can't just pinch somebody with your hand and then say I'm sorry it wasn't my fault I'm not in control of my hand. Your mind is a filter and it filters out all of the crap from the outside world like TV / radio politics.


Now move to step 2 and start retraining and claiming back your mind.


                                                           The process.

Look around you are either safe or not safe, Notice where the feeling is and rate it from 0 to 10 “and say yes to it”


Step 1 Do I want to hold on to this feeling? Or would I rather release this feeling? If the answer is to release it, move to the next step.


Step 2 Could I release and let go of this feeling? (Yes) Could I release it some more? (Yes) And some more?  And even more? (Yes)  

Notice if you feel any resistance or fear to letting this feeling go. If you feel resistance or fear notice where you feel it and say. Could i release this feeling (Yes) Could i release it some more (Yes) and more, and even more 


And Could I let go of wanting to control things?


Step 3 Could I release any negative thoughts and feelings I have for myself? (Yes)  Could I release them even more? And some more? And even more? (Yes)


Step 4 Could I release and let go of seeking approval? (Yes) and could I let go of seeking approval even more? (Yes) and more? (Yes)


Step 5 Could I give myself some positive feelings, for no reason at all? (Yes) Could I give myself even more? And more? (Yes)


Step 6 Do I want to hold on to my disapproval for other people, or could I free myself and allow them to be who they are, separate from me in every way? (Yes) and more? (Yes)


Step 7 Could I send some positive energy to everyone, so that I can be a more powerful person and be completely free? (Yes) could I send them even more? (Yes) and some more? And even more? (Yes)


Now check inside yourself and scale it from 0 to 10. If you need to keep doing it till you get it to 0.  


                                                         Remember to go back to the instructions till you feel you own this.