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How It Works

Hello, I'm Paul Campbell, Advanced Mind Coach. I work with people every day to help them change their thinking from negative to positive. And more importantly, I teach them how to do this on their own. Up to this point, there has been a huge lack of effective long-lasting solutions to these problems, and that's why I created this system. Maybe you're feeling anxious, low, depressed, or maybe you just want to make changes so you can have a better quality of life. You have tried everything else to change how you feel, but nothing worked for you and you don't know where else to go. 


Mind Coaching is the art of changing how you think and feel.


Each and every person like me and you are unique and are seeing the world differently through an accumulation of our own life experiences. I use Advanced Psychology Persuasion Influence and Mind Integration techniques that are specific to the needs of each person. I will help you change very quickly how you think and feel whether it's Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Fear, Depression, or even if you feel Lost, Stuck, or Just fed up with life and unfulfilled.


The biggest question I get asked is, why can't I stop feeling like this?


The reason is because most of your reality is distorted through the filters in your mind, also known as your beliefs. I have the skills to help people to update their beliefs that they hold within them, because these beliefs that you have are as plastic and as mouldable as the day they were learned. All your beliefs and experiences came from outside of you, and these beliefs are always reinforcing themselves with either old or new information.  


From my experience the more you think or talk about the problem the more you are rehearsing it, which is why, in most cases, therapy can be counterproductive. The more reasons you find about why you have the problem, the more you will reinforce it and the more you reinforce it with the whys, the more sensitive it becomes: it's a vicious circle. But the whys are not always the hows!


Over the years, I have been privileged to be able to work with people from all walks of life. I worked with people who seem to have every reason to be happy, but still felt sad and anxious most of the time. I worked with people who lost everything, who couldn't make decisions and felt stuck in life. It is important to feel uncomfortable sometimes, but it's not necessary for anybody to be feeling uncomfortable for any prolonged period of time.


So what's different about what you do Paul?

Traditional talk therapies most often are focused on the past. They focus on just finding out the whys and label the feelings. Other disciplines are focused on telling you what you should be doing: normally they teach you common sense and logical things that you probably already know. But no matter how hard you try you to do the techniques, you can't seem to sustain the positive mindset for any prolonged period of time.


What I am more interested in knowing is, what is happening in your life right now that gives you the inability to stay present. I can help you to let go of unrealistic and irrational feelings, and help you to update the resources inside of you so that you have the ability to stay in the present. Then, I will show you how to develop the skill to change the quality of your attention. Because your quality of life depends on What you focus on, How often you focus on it, and the beliefs that you hold within you. Most people that struggle with anxiety have what I call scattered and incoherent attention. People that have a good quality of life normally have coherent and focused attention, instead.


These skills are essential because, without a good quality of attention, life will be unnecessarily difficult. We were told to focus but never thought how to do this. And from my experience, these are not things you can learn from a book because a book is just a description of something experienced by someone else. The mind can only ever know something as a belief when it is learned through your experience, not other people's. All of your strong beliefs were created through experience. For example, you didn't learn to ride a bike from a description, it was learned and encoded into the nervous system through experience. So if the mind can learn to feel bad through an accumulation of experiences, then the only way you can change that is to use the same process that the mind used to learn the problem, but in a positive way. 


When I'm helping you to change, I am not just talking to you, I am creating this positive experience for your mind to attach the new descriptions and the new feelings together.  So if you would like to learn more about this new life-changing experience,

then take action and take the smallest next step now.

If you want to find out more about how I can help you, get in touch with me to book an appointment.


Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you soon. Paul Campbell

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