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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will i need?

The vast majority of my clients see significant improvements in just 3 to 6 sessions, and You will feel much lighter even after just the first session. In each session you will experience significant changes in how you think and feel about your life, and life in general. How quickly you respond is dependent on the current level of anxiety medication that you are on. Sometimes medication can inhibit access to good feelings as well as inhibiting access to bad feelings. It is still very effective, but sometimes medication can slow the process down. 


When I do the sessions with you, will the change last? 


Yes the change will last, because as you go through these sessions you will experience huge changes in how you are currently feeling.  And and during this process your mind and your nervous system is learning that you can change how you think and feel. Most anxiety is learnt through an accumulation of life experiences, and in order to update these automatic responses that happen inside of you, you have to bring the mind through a new experience to update the automatic response. And when you do this, the irrational part of the anxiety can never work the same way again. When you combine these deeper changes with a simple strategy, that you will take away with you, to be able to, let go of unnecessary feelings / To be able quickly put things into perspective / And the ability to stay present. All of this together will empower you. And when you can change how you think and feel yourself, then you will truly feel free and independent. 


How much money will I be investing in each session?

Each session requires a commitment fee of €150 and the sessions last for approximately an hour and a half each,  and very significant changes happen in each one. Because this system has evolved so much over the past few years all of my recent clients have become completely resourceful within themselves after just 4 sessions. And what would it be worth to you to finally eliminate the frustration from your life and start living again?


Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you soon. Paul


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